Founded in 2016 in Izmir, CODE35 is a software company distinguished by its emphasis on technological innovation and excellence. We deeply commit ourselves to offering comprehensive and sustainable software solutions designed to meet the intricate demands of the industry.

Through our high-quality software development services, we embrace leading technologies to optimize our clients’ business processes, providing them with a competitive edge. Our collaboration-based approach plays a pivotal and critical role in ensuring our clients meet their objectives.

Our team, enriched with over two decades of experience, includes engineers, designers, and strategists. Every project undertaken is meticulously addressed following the highest quality standards, not merely meeting customer expectations but steadfastly upholding the principle of going beyond them.

As CODE35, while carrying the innovative spirit of Izmir, we aspire to be a more recognized brand on the international scene. The value we provide to our customers stands as our foremost principle.

We are a “Software Company” focused on our area of expertise, software development, delivering services with depth and precision.

We are always accommodating your diverse needs and we feel like they are a part of your company rather than an external supplier.